From: Exit Staff
Kosovo, Serbia Experts to Meet in Brussels One Week Ahead of White House Summit

The EU has announced that the next Kosovo-Serbia meeting at experts level will take place on August 27, one week ahead of the White House meeting between the two countries’ leaders.

Nabila Massrali, the EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy  the EU, confirmed the meeting for the Voice of America without giving further details.

The White House meeting, postponed twice, is expected to focus on economic issues. No information on the actual content of talks has been made public by any of the parties. It is rumored that President Trump may attend the meeting. 

The Kosovo government insists that Brussels talks are “political” and not at expert level. It also maintains that they have entered talks only to get Serbia’s recognition

Nevertheless, the issue of recognition has never been part of the dialogue, and Serbia vehemently denies it will ever be.