Albanian Diaspora Group Opposes Rama’s Involvement in Belarus Mediation Due to Domestic Scandals and Alleged Election Manipulation

The Diaspora Group for a Free Albania has opposed the involvement of Prime Minister EdiRama as a negotiator to resolve the crisis in Belarus.

Through a letter addressed to the OSCE, the Diaspora states that “it is inconceivable that a prime minister like Edi Rama with successive scandals and accusations in his country, for manipulating central elections in 2017 and holding local elections without opposition in 2019, usurpation of institutions, the collapse of the National Theater in the midst of the pandemic by violating a number of applicable laws, pressure on the free press, etc. decides to give democracy lessons on the situation in Belarus.”

Diaspora writes that “Albania has the leadership of the OSCE for 2020 and they think that our country has a lot of career diplomats with integrity that can be included in these talks”.

The group emphasized that Rama’s involvement in this mediation process does not do honor to either the OSCE, Belarus or Albania. Rather, it is a negative example for peoples struggling to strengthen and promote European democratic values.