Albanians Get Through 13 Litres of Alcohol a Year

Albanians drink around 13 litres of alcohol a year, according to data from the WHO. That’s roughly 17 750ml bottles of raki or one and a half bottles a month.

While it may seem like a lot, citizens in Belarus are the biggest drinkers in the world. They get through over 14 litres of pure alcohol a year each. They are closely followed by Lithuania (12.9), Grenada (11.9), Czech Republic (11.8), France 11.8) and Russia (11.5). 

British people drink between 10 and 12. 4 litres a year along with the Spanish, Germans, Croats, South Koreas, and Bulgarians. US citizens and those in South America drink around 8 litres every year.

Surprisingly, Italians consume an average of six litres a year- that’s equivalent to just eight bottles of wine.

Countries in North Africa and the Middle East had the lowest figures with most reporting almost zero.