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Apple Puts Kosovo Name on Its Maps App, Still Part of Serbia

Apple Inc. has put Kosovo’s name on its Maps app following an online petition supported by nearly 200 thousand people, and official requests by the governments of Kosovo and Albania to show the country as independent from Serbia. However, the border separating the two countries still fails to show Kosovo as independent from Serbia.

Apple Maps didn’t show the name “Kosovo” before, and the border separating the two countries considered Kosovo part of Serbia, not separated by an international border.

kosovo apple map

A petition started in July asked Apple to show an independent Kosovo on its maps.

It was followed by support from several celebrities of Albanian origin, including  Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, etc.

The governments of Kosovo and Albania also asked Apple Inc. to show Kosovo as an independent country.

On Saturday, the petition initiator announced the news that Apple Maps is now showing the name of Kosovo. and thanked supporters.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo since it declared independence in 2008.