From: Exit News
Montenegro Opposition Parties Agree on Governing Coalition 

The leaders of the three largest opposition parties in Montenegro have agreed on the principles of their governing coalition, Aljazeera Balkans reported on Monday.

This leaves President Milo Djukanovic’s party in opposition, for the first time after three decades of ruling the country.

The leaders of “For the Future of Montenegro”, “Peace is Our Nation” and “Black on White” Zdravko Krivokapić, Aleksa Bečić and Dritan Abazović agreed on the four main principles for their ruling coalition.

The new government will comply with all international obligations.

It will implement all necessary reforms for Montenegro to join the European Union as soon as possible.

The government will be led by experts in respective fields instead of politicians.

The majority will be fully committed to respecting the Constitution and laws.

They invited other minority parties to join the coalition. 

The three parties have 41 MPs, the minimum required to form a government in the 81-seat Montenegrin parliament. The four votes of the “Black on White” MPs led by Dritan Abazović were crucial for a governing coalition to form.

The two parties representing ethnic Albanians got one deputy each in the new parliament. Abazović is also an ethnic Albanian himself, but his party has appealed to Montenegrins nationally.