From: Exit Staff
State Police Arrests for Drug Dealing, Domestic Violence, Breaking House Arrest and Organising Weddings

The State Police made a number of arrests in Tirana this weekend including drug dealing, violating a home arrest order, and driving under the influence and being in possession of a weapon.

Another man was arrested for stealing two bicycles and three others for theft. A man from Kvaja was arrested for injuring a pedestrian with his vehicle- the victim is now in hospital in Durres in a serious condition.

A man in Tirana was arrested for continuous physical and psychological violence against his wife.

Three others were detained by traffic police for driving under the influence of alcohol, and one without the correct permit.

A restaurant in Tirana was caught organising wedding ceremonies in violation of the Normative Act for COVID-19 and not respecting safety protocols. Police said they had asked him to stop the activity but the owner continued.

As a result, he was fined 1,000,000 and prosecuted for disobeying police orders.