From: Alice Taylor
More Arrests for Illegal Transport of Third-Country Nationals Through Albania

A 28-year-old from Tirana was arrested yesterday by police in Pogradec for transporting 28 foreign nationals illegally.

The individual was apprehended by Traffic Police in neighbourhood No.3 in Pogradec while driving a Mercedes Benz van. It is believed he had charged each immigrant EUR 100 for transport to Tirana and onwards transit to an EU country.

The operation “Perimeter” has seen arrests almost daily of individuals transporting third-country nationals illegally from Korce to Tirana. Albania remains a transit country for illegal immigration from the Middle East.

Evidence was handed to the Prosecutor’s Office in Pogradec with charges of “assistance in illegal border crossing.”

Another two individuals were arrested in Korca during the night for the same offence– transiting 18 third-country nationals to Tirana in exchange for money.