From: Exit Staff
Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse of a Minor, and Death by Drunk Driving in the Last 24 Hours

Police in Durres have arrested a 28-year-old man for assaulting his mother. They then had reason to believe he was responsible for a total of five thefts in the area during the month of August. They include stealing a mobile phone, a bike, money, electrical cables, a handbag, and looting a home damaged by the earthquake.

They also detained two wanted citizens, a 35-year-old for theft and a 29-year-old for assault. Both had previously been on the run but have now been arrested.

Another citizen who was wanted for the crime of domestic violence was also arrested by police in Tirana yesterday. Four other arrests were made in the city yesterday for domestic violence, drug possession, embezzlement and buying stolen cigarettes. The fourth was arrested for being drunk behind the wheel and killing one woman and injuring three others.

Nationally, the police are working on nine domestic violence cases with the intention of apprehending perpetrators soon.

Notably, a 33-year-old man was arrested and hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital on suspicion of sexually abusing and using violence against his 12-year-old daughter. It is believed he was abusing her for over a year.

This morning in Tirana, a 48-year-old was arrested for the attempted rape of a colleague. The alleged crime occurred in a business in Kombinat at around 1 am this morning. The woman shouted, objected, and managed to prevent the rape from happening and was able to denounce it at the police station this morning.