From: Bledar Qalliu
‘Surrender Has Never Been an Option,’ Vučić Tells Serbs before Talks with Kosovo

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić has assured his people that he will not “surrender” in front of the “arrogant statements” of Kosovo leaders demanding recognition of their country.

Speaking from Washington, D.C., shortly before the start of two-day Kosovo-Serbia talks on Thursday, Vučić reiterated how difficult the dialogue with Kosovo is for him and Serbia, but that nevertheless they are ready to face it, and work for peace and prosperity of Serbs and Albanians.

“It will not be an easy meeting for us. In any case, we are ready! We will do our best to reach a compromise on important economic issues.

We want peace, we want stability, we want the progress of Belgrade, Pristina and our entire region, and above all we will have to take care of our people in Kosovo,” Vučić wrote on Instagram.

He then slammed Kosovo leaders for their “arrogant statements”. The Kosovo dialogue team has repeatedly claimed that they are in talks to get Serbia’s recognition. Vučić denied this again.

The president concluded by evoking patriotic feelings in his compatriots: “My message to everyone in our beautiful Serbia is: Surrender was never an option! Long live Serbia!”

Aleksandar Vučić was minister of information in Slobodan Milosevic’s regime, when it surrendered to NATO forces and withdrew from Kosovo in 1999, after having killed thousands of civilians, 1643 of which are still missing.

His statement comes at a time when Kosovo and Serbia are expected to officially sign three deals on economic cooperation that they have agreed upon a long time ago.