Kosovo and Serbia Agree on Mini-Schengen, Missing Persons, Moratorium on Derecognition, 5G, Hizballah 

Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on a number of issues in their “economic normalization” deal signed at the white house on Friday.

Kosovo journalist Adriatik Kelmendi published the deal on Twitter.

As expected, the deal reiterated the previously signed letters of intent on highway and railway construction between the two countries. In addition, Serbia agrees to recognize Kosovo diplomas.

Kosovo pledges to join the Mini-Schengen area launched by governments of Albania, Serbia and North Macedonia.

Both countries pledge to work closer on missing persons, exchange of information and fight against crime, and diversify their energy supplies. and on sharing the Ujman Lake, more than 75 percent of which lies in Kosovo territory.

Kosovo agrees to stop attempts for membership in international organizations for one year, and Serbia agrees to stop its derecognition campaign for the same period of time.

They pledge to declare Hizballah a terrorist organization; Kosovo has already done so. Israel pledges to recognize Kosovo.

Both countries agree to prohibit the use of 5G equipment provided by untrusted vendors.

They pledge to protect religious minorities, in particular the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, and push for decriminalization of homosexuality in countries that haven’t yet done so.


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