From: Alice Taylor
More Arrests For Facilitating Illegal Border Crossing of Third Country Nationals in Albania

There have been more arrests in the ongoing operation against the illegal transportation of third-country nationals through Albania.

Local police in Kukes and the Border Police apprehended one individual, a 68-year-old from Tirana.

He was intercepted by the police while approaching the Morina border crossing point with Kosovo. In his vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, were four Syrian citizens. It is believed that he had accepted money in return for transporting them to Kosovo where they would move onwards to an EU country.

Evidence has been forwarded to the Kukes Prosecutor’s Office for the offence of “assistance in illegal border crossing.”

Albanian State Police in collaboration with Border Police and Municipal units have made a significant number of similar arrests over the last few months. Multiple individuals have been arrested for transporting individuals, mainly from the Middle East, illegally through the country.