From: Exit Staff
Government Failed to Meet Promises in Deal with Serbia, Says Kosovo Speaker of Parliament

Kosovo Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani has blamed the government for failing to meet promises made regarding the White House deal with Serbia, while praising Israel’s decision to recognize Kosovo.

Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti replied that she may be able to understand the agreement in two to three years from now.

Osmani is the most voted politician in the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), and the second most voted in Kosovo. Hoti is also part of the LDK, the second largest party in the country.

Recognition from Israel is one of the most important ones that has come to Kosovo for a long time. This proved once again that since our declaration of independence, the United States has played an existential role in supporting and consolidating Kosovo’s international subjectivity,” Osmani stated in her social media on Saturday.

Apart from this unexpected outcome, Osmani argued that the Kosovo government had failed in all its long-time promises.

It failed to get the promised mutual recognition with Serbia from the deal brokered by Washington, according to the speaker of parliament.

The government broke its promise not to negotiate over the use of Kosovo’s territory and natural resources by admitting to sharing the Ujman Lake.

It failed to argue against the Mini-Schengen area and promised to become part of it, despite its long-held stance against the initiative. Hoti and his party have always the Mini-Schengen “a Mini-Yugoslavia, arguing that it would be a backdoor for Serbia to extend its economic and political hegemony in the region, particularly in Kosovo, similar to the times of Yugoslavia.

The government failed in its promise not to violate the constitution and the declaration of independence, because it pledged to suspend attempts to seek membership in international organizations.

It failed to bring the promised concrete results on the 1643 missing persons. In the signed documents, Serbia and Kosovo only ple]dge “to expedite efforts” to locate the remains of the missing persons.

It failed to get war reparations from Serbia, Osmani went on arguing, and having Serbia held accountable for crimes it committed in Kosovo during the war.

Finally, the Kosovo government broke its promise to have all non-tariff barriers Serbia has imposed on Kosovo removed.