From: Exit Staff
‘Mutual Recognition’, ‘Republic of Kosovo’ Removed from Draft Deal at Serbia’s Request

At the request of Serbia, the US administration removed the terms “mutual recognition” and “Republic of Kosovo” from the draft document they had prepared for the two parties to sign at the White House on September 4, Kosovo TV KOHA reported on Monday.

mutua recognition kosovo serbia

A draft document provided to KOHA states that “both parties commit to the mutual recognition[…]”, but “mutual recognition” was scrapped from the signed version of the document.

republic kosovo serbia

“The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo agree to move forward with economic normalization” read the draft before the word “republic” was removed, and the names of capitals Belgrade and Pristina were added.

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic told journalists that the removal of terms was crucial and a great victory for Serbia.