From: Exit Staff
Albanian Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition Pledge to Increase Medical Staff Salaries

Both Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha have promised salary increases for doctors,one of the groups leaving Albania for better conditions and higher salaries elsewhere.

On 7 September, during a meeting with teachers, Rama promised salary increases for teachers and doctors:

“We will make a new salary increase for teachers, as well as for doctors, and this will be done very soon, I believe with the new budget.”

On Tuesday, 9 September, Basha, in a denunciation of the Rama government’s failure to support doctors, promised a salary increase of up to EUR 1,200 for doctors.

Basha promised salary increases for nurses as well:

“We will increase doctors’ salaries up to 1,200 euros and 700 euros for nurses.”

The Albanian general election is scheduled for 25 April 2021.