From: Exit Staff
Government Decision to Create Casino Zone in the Centre of Tirana

Prime Minister Edi Rama has approved two government decisions that will allow the opening of casinos in the centre of Tirana.

The casinos will be allowed to operate in a small zone which encompasses Skanderbeg Square, the square behind the Palace of Culture, the Youth Park, the area near the Clock and the area behind where the National Theatre once stood, including the Toptani Centre.

Streets included in the casino zone include Rruga Barrikadave, Rruga Urani Pano, Rruga Dede Gjon Luli, Rruga Ibrahim Rrugova, Jean D’Ark Boulevard, and Rruga George W.Bush. Within this area are two existing hotels, Tirana International and Plaza, as well as the Taiwan Centre.

The area also includes new constructions such as the Met Building, Skanderbeg Tower, The 25-storey Book Building tower, and others that are in the planning stage on the site of the National Theatre.

According to the decision, any company that wants to open a casino in this area must have experience in gambling, be a joint-stock company and have a capital of at least 1.2 billion ALL.

Gambling was banned in Albania as of 1 January 2019 and the only company licensed to operate a casino is Apex-al/Adria Entertainment which is located in a 5-star hotel.