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Albanian Prime Minister to Discuss Tensions between Greece and Turkey in Athens

Prime Minister Edi Rama will attend an annual roundtable with the Government of Greece to discuss, among other topics, rising tensions between Greece and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Greek Government and The Economist organize an annual roundtable in Athens, where past and current leaders from Greece and Europe are invited to discuss topics concerning Greek and European societies.

This year marks the 24th Roundtable, and is titled “Europe: Reinforcing cohesion in turbulent times.” It will take place on 16-17 September in Athens, Greece, with the participation of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece.

It will focus on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the global economy and business, Brexit, migration flows, economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions in the region, mainly from a Greek perspective.

“Geopolitical tensions have escalated as EU leaders try to find a solution to the recent migrant crisis at the Greek – Turkish border while tensions have also fueled in the Eastern Mediterranean as a result of Turkey’s claims to drilling rights in the region,” the event’s agenda reads.

The Albanian media have widely reported that Rama will participate as the OSCE Chair-in-Person, but the event organizers list him as speaker in the capacity of Albania’s prime minister.

Greece and Turkey have engaged in disputes regarding the maritime delimitation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece has recently signed agreements on its sea border with Italy and Egypt. It has announced it will double its territorial water in the Ionian Sea, which it shares with Albania and Italy.

The Albanian government has confirmed Greece’s right to extend the waters but has failed to explain whether such action will affect Albania’s waters.