From: Exit Staff
13-Year-Old Girl Held Captive and Sexually Abused for Since 30 July

Content warning: Sexual abuse of a minor.


A 13 year-old-girl has been sexually and physically abused by a man in Pogradec.

According to the media, the girl came from a poor family where the parents were unemployed and one is suffering from mental health issues. Facing economic uncertainty and struggles, a local man approached them and offered to take care of their daughter.

The 46-year-old man, a shepherd had the girl since 30 July. From that day onwards he raped her, abused her, and imprisoned her. Two days ago she was able to escape and denounce him to the police.

Sources say she has been brutally assaulted and sexually abused and is in a “serious psychological condition”. She is in the care of a psychologist and the alleged perpetrator has been arrested.