From: Exit News
Law Commission Drafts Law to Reduce Powers of Albanian President

The Law Commission has set up a working group to draft a new law for the President.

According to the announcement of the Assembly, the members of the working group are Adnor Shameti (SP), Vasilika Hysi (SP), and Alban Zeneli (Democratic parliamentary group). The new draft law will be submitted on September 30, 2019.

The Socialist majority had envisioned changes to the law on the President in 2016 as part of the Justice Reform package, but these changes were never approved.

Now four years later – after President Meta did not decree Prime Minister Rama’s nominations for a minister, did not summon one of the members elected by the Assembly to the Constitutional Court, and changed the date of the local elections – the socialist majority has decided to draft a new law.

Adnor Shameti, in an interview with Report Tv, on September 11 said that the draft law will clarify in detail the constitutional activity of the president, addressing precisely the problems created between the government and the president.

“We will see the competencies of the president both at the constitutional level and in the full harmonization of the elements that will have the law for the organization of the institution of the president and the constitutional law on the other hand”, said Adnor Shameti.

Shameti said the president’s power to appoint a minister, the date of the election, or to swear in the Constitutional Court judges will also change.