From: Alice Taylor
Car Bomb Shocks Central Tirana

Last night, a car bomb detonated in the Vasil Shanto neighbourhood in the centre of Tirana.

The blast occurred at around 19:00 in the vehicle of Prend Gjini. Police believe that a remote-controlled explosive was placed inside the vehicle and was detonated from afar.

The victim is currently being treated in hospital for serious injuries and is fighting for his life.

It is not yet known what kind of explosive was known but authorities are investigating. It is believed the attack was a part of an ongoing conflict. Last year, Gjin’s brother was killed in front of the Rreshen Cathedral with an automatic firearm. It has been reported that he also had connections to a gang involved in drug trafficking.

An Italian citizen was also injured in the blast and was taken to hospital where they are undergoing surgery. Several other passersby suffered minor injury and shock.