From: Alice Taylor
Man Who Allegedly Killed Dog by Dragging It behind Car, Released with a Fine

A horrifying event took place in Sukth, Durres yesterday. A photo was published on social media that showed a car driving with a pet dog tied to the back of it, being dragged along the ground. The animal died from its injuries.

The vehicle is registered in the name of Alite Perkaxho, a 28-year-old man. The police in Durres, then announced that they had arrested a 50-year -old with the initials F.P. It’s believed that this individual is the father of Alite The man has been released with a penalty for traffic violations and has also been charged with animal abuse.

Evidence has been passed to the Durres prosecution.

Exit found the Facebook profiles of the accused and was able to see videos of several dogs that appear to bee used for dogfighting, They appear tied up outside and in an agitated state.

One post from February 2019 shows a deceased dog with the caption “the corpse of Jack…who is next in line now?” Shortly after Exit found these videos, they were deleted from social media.