Three Large Fires in as Many Days in Tirana and Elbasan

Large fires have broken out in Koder Krasta, Elbasan and in Sauk on the outskirts of Tirana.

In Koder Krasta, the flames have engulfed a large swathe of the countryside including trees, bush and shrubs. Firefighters and police are on the scene to fight the blaze. They believe it may have been started intentionally.

Last night in Sauk, a large fire was reported. Citizens panicked as the fire spread rapidly.

‼E vërteta pse nuk fiket zjarri në Priskën e madhe. Zjarri vazhdon edhe sot fale babëzise dhe propogandes se…

Gepostet von Al-Ben Guide Kola am Dienstag, 15. September 2020

Over the weekend, another large fire burned in the village of Priska on the slopes of Mount Dajti. Citizens on the scene said firefighters were poorly equipped to deal with the incident and also to manage to work in such difficult conditions.

This year has seen a high number of forest fires throughout the country.