From: Alice Taylor
25 Albanian Asylum Seekers Repatriated to Albania

Yesterday, 25 Albanian citizens were repatriated to Albania following failed asylum attempts or violations of residence rules.

They were returned from different EU Member States through an agreement reached between Albanian and EU authorities. Each group of repatriates was accompanied by an Albanian police escort.

Authorities say that repatriations will continue through September, October and November.

In the police announcement, authorities state that Albanian citizens should not seek asylum abroad as the chances of obtaining it are zero. This is not true.

In June alone, 17 Albanians received subsidiary protection in EU Member States. Between April and June over 100 were granted protection or refugee status and in December 2019, over 100 received protection during just that month. Throughout the whole of 2019, some 279 Albanians received refugee status in the UK alone.

Exit spoke with a source within the Home Office who confirmed that common reasons for protection being granted include political persecution, LGBTIQ individuals who fear for their safety, and in some cases, blood feuds.