From: Exit Staff
Ballsh Oil Workers Move Protest to Tirana, Demanding Settlement of Unpaid Wages

Workers from the oil refinery in Ballsh have started protesting in Tirana today. Following weeks of protesting outside their place of work, they have now moved in front of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in the capital.

The workers who have not been paid for almost a year, are asking for the government to intervene with the company that manages the refinery. They are demanding their salaries be paid and that work resumes.

Workers say that they are unable to pay for basic provisions such as food and the educational expenses of their children. The head of the workers’ union Sokol Dautaj has stated that representatives of the company “Allum” have disappeared without a trace despite promising to sign new employment contracts and pay the salary arrears.

Police tried to prevent the protest due to COVID-19 protocol which resulted in clashes and some arrests.

The following pictures are from the leftist Organizata Politike social media account, who are supporting the protest.

oil workers protest op4

oil workers protest op3

oil workers protest op2

oil workers protest op1