From: Exit News
Albania Has the Lowest Number of Murders in Recent History, Says Minister of Interior

This year accounts for the lowest number of murders in Albania, Minister of Interior Sandër Lleshaj has claimed.

“We have about 35 murders so far [this year]. We never had that few in the recent history of Albania,” Lleshaj told journalists in Shkodra on Friday. 

The minister criticized the media and the public for causing “panic and hysteria” about a car bomb detonated near the center of Tirana this week. He called on them, the media and the public, to distance themselves from crime by supporting the police.

“I call on the media, the public and society to try not to create situations of hysteria and panic, and let’s distance ourselves from crime. By “distancing oneself from crime” I mean supporting the police. Sometimes we attack the police as if it’s them carrying out murders,” Lleshaj stated.