From: Alice Taylor
More Forest Fires in Kruja, Thumane, and Shijak

Two large fires have been reported in Kruja today. One of the fires is burning on the edge of the Kasalle neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city near to apartments. The second fire was reported in Thumane near the canal.

Firefighters are on site in both locations, battling to bring the blazes under control.

Last night, a fire was reported on the outskirts of Shijak near a lake. The fire had spread over a great distance and the efforts of firemen were hampered due to strong winds.

Earlier this week there were three large fires around central Albania including Koder Krasta, Elbasan, and Sauk on the outskirts of Tirana. At the weekend, a fire was also burning for several days on the slopes of Mount Dajti.

This summer has been particularly problematic for wildfires with thousands of acres of forest, orchards, and olive trees affected. Authorities say they believe many are cases of arson.

Rain forecast for today and the following days is expected to put out most of the fires as well as dampen the ground, reducing the risk of further incidents.