From: Exit News
Serbian Member of Bosnia’s Presidency Blocks Recognition of Kosovo

The three-member Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina failed to reach a unanimous vote in favor of recognizing Kosovo’s independence. 

Thursday’s vote resulted in the presidency’s Bosniak and Croat members, Šefik Džaferović and Zeljko Komsić voting pro, and the Serbian member, Milorak Dodik voting against.

Dodik is expected to ask the parliament of his Republika Srpska, one of the two entities of BiH, to vote on the issue, so he can secure stronger support for his vote against in the future.

The leader of Serbs in BiH, Dodik maintains that if Bosnia recognizes Kosovo, then his Republika Srpska also has the right to declare independence from it. 

The tripartite presidency also voted 2:1 against moving the BiH embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a request put to a vote by Dodik.

They agreed for BiH to enter the Mini-Schengen initiative after clarifying how cooperation in the area will work.