From: Exit News
EU: No Deadlines, No Delays in Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

The European Union will not set a deadline for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, but it will also not allow for delays, EU spokesperson Peter Stano told RTS on Friday.

Stano stressed the importance of a “successful conclusion” to the dialogue when he spoke of the implementation of agreements on specific issues before a final, comprehensive legally binding agreement.

The EU spokesperson did not want to comment on Kosovo government’s claim that partial agreements on specific areas will not be implemented until Serbia recognizes Kosovo. 

An advisor to Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti also stated this week that Chancellor Merkel and President Macron had informally set the end of this year as deadline for the dialogue, but Stano refused to comment on the issue.

“The interest of the EU is to help both sides reach a solution and a legally binding agreement on normalization, and the time needed for that is in the hands of Belgrade and Pristina,” Stano said.

This month, EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak also urged for a conclusion to the 10-year-old dialogue.