From: Exit News
Kosovo President’s Proposed Amendment on Mandate of War Crimes Court Questioned by Speaker of Parliament

Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani has asked the special court on war crimes to assess President Hashim Thaci’s request to make constitutional changes regarding the court’s term, Koha reported.

Last month, Thaci asked the parliament to amend the constitution so as to include a legal provision stipulating that the term of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, located in The Hague, can be terminated by the Council of the European Union.

Thaci asked that the court’s term last “until an announcement on the end of its term is made by the Council of the European Union, in consultation with the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.”

The current form of this legal stipulation is found in Law 04/L-274: the court’s mandate “shall continue until such time as Kosovo is notified by the Council of the European Union that the investigations have been concluded or any proceedings resulting in therefrom have been concluded.”

On Friday, Osmani asked the Kosovo Constitutional Court of the SC-SPO in The Hague for an assessment of Thaci’s proposal regarding the potential of any rights and freedoms of the court being hampered.

The KSC-SPO are currently faced with thousands of investigation files leaked to the organization of Kosovo war veterans, which were seized by authorities and were not published.

President Hashim Thaci and former Speaker of Parliament Kadri Veseli are waiting for the KSC-SPO to confirm whether they will be charged for war crimes.

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