Customs Officials in Court for Falsifying Car Import Documents

From: Exit Staff
Customs Officials in Court for Falsifying Car Import Documents
The Durrës Prosecutor’s Office has sent to court 20 defendants, customs officers and officials of the Tirana Road Service Directorate, whom they accuse of abuse of office and involvement in a corrupt scheme.

They are suspected of having organized a scheme for customs clearance of vehicles with a lower value than the real value, thus avoiding the payment of part of the taxes.

Through this scheme, they are suspected of evading the payment of about 100 million ALL (EUR 806,000) to the state.

How did the scheme work?

Through a customs agency, ‘Laura One’ shpk, some of the detainees found citizens who had vehicles to clear customs and took from them the original documentation and the full value of the customs duty.

Then, in cooperation with the officials of the Directorate of Road Service, the value of the car was reduced by using fake documents.

Then, since the employees had access to the customs declaration processing system, they produced a customs declaration (with the same date and serial number as the one deposited at the Customs) by attaching it to the original documentation and finally handing it over to the citizens.

Thus, the 20 defendants received money from citizens for the full value of the car, then fictitiously reduced its value and paid less taxes, taking a portion of the money for themselves.

The accused officials are:

  • Qani Kacmoli
  • Erdi Çena
  • Xhuljano Sorra
  • Glodian Sulaj
  • Xhevdet Mali
  • Kenny Brace
  • Xhani Rama
  • Edmond Jupe
  • Altin Maleqka
  • Indrit Tafalla
  • Elison Shehaj
  • Customs Agency “Laura One”
  • Neritan Bablusha
  • Endrit Pllumbi
  • Andi Lara
  • Ilirjan Çelçima
  • Arben Qëndro
  • Sokol Mehmeti
  • Merita Madam
  • Mereme Dervishi

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