From: Alice Taylor
11 Arrested for Environmental Crimes in Dibra

Police in Dibra have arrested 11 people in connection with environmental crimes in the region.

A total of 11 crimes were recorded by the police and those suspected of perpetrating them were apprehended. Additionally, 25 cubic metres of timber and 5 transport vehicles were seized. The arrests were part of an investigation that took place throughout the month of September.

Six individuals from Diber and Mat were arrested for construction without the applicable permits or permissions. Five others from Bulqiza and Dibra were arrested after being caught transporting timber without the relevant documentation.

Files and evidence have been passed to the Prosecutor’s in Dibra and Mat for the criminal offences of illegal construction and illegal deforestation.

Authorities in Dibra say they will continue patrols and investigations to crack down on environmental crimes.

In 2016, a moratorium on deforestation was implemented in Albania. Despite this, the country has noted a reduction of forest land by hundreds of hectares each year. In addition to deforestation, there is now the issue of forest fires which have ravaged parts of the country during the summer months.