From: Exit News
Memorial Held for Dog Killed in Animal Cruelty Case that Shocked Albania

Following the murder of a dog last week in Sukth, Durres, citizens and animal rights activists held a memorial yesterday.

A video and photos were published on social media showing Faik Perkoxha with his dog tied to the back of the car, dragging it through the streets until it died.He was arrested and given a fine for traffic violations and the case for animal abuse was passed to the Durres Prosecutor.

Exit found evidence that Perkoxha was keeping dogs and using them for dog fighting, on his Facebook profile. One image showed a dead dog with a caption asking who would be next in line.

Animal rights groups have asked the Durres police and Prosecutor what is happening with the case and if it will be prosecuted but they have not responded. They have also ignored, so far, requests for information.