From: Exit Staff
Albanian President Calls for Focus on Agritourism and Local Products

President Meta stated that farmers in Debar face difficulties in selling local products due to lack of support, unfair competition and the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a visit to one of the farms in Debar, Meta states that:

“Organic products from Dibra are very high quality and healthy. However, the artisan farmers of this area face difficulties in selling them due to lack of state support, unfair competition in the market, but also due to the severe consequences of COVID-19 on the family and national economy.

Grants, soft loans, concrete schemes to promote the cultivation of indigenous products, coupled with smart and efficient marketing, would breathe new life into Albanian agriculture by increasing domestic production and exports of “Made in Albania” products.

Meta called for the return of attention from agriculture and tourism, two sectors according to him “with extraordinary potentials for the sustainable development of Dibra and the whole of Albania.”