From: Alice Taylor
Balkaravana 2020: Balkan-Wide Cycling Tour to Promote Peace, Intercultural Dialogue, and Green Mobility

Balkaravana 2020 has kicked off in Albania this weekend. The event is a collaborative effort between cycling promotion organisations in the Balkans who are aiming to strengthen and promote intercultural dialogue, sustainable development, green mobility, and peace in the region.

The first stage of the event took place in Albania on 19 September and ends on 22nd. It will then continue in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 24 September. Other countries will take place in include  Serbia and Montenegro.

It has been organised by the Center for the Environment from Banja Luka along with organisations in Belgrade, Zenica, Podgorica, and Shkoder.

During the tour, the participants who are aged between 18 and 30 years will visit a number of communities and will get acquainted with their cultural and historical heritage, as well as mixing with local people. They can eat local food, listen to traditional music, go sightseeing, and feel the atmosphere in the streets of the cities that are hosting the tour.