From: Exit Staff
Long List of Issues Found With Assets Declaration of Prosecutor Kole Hasanaj

The Prosecutor of the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office, Kole Hysenaj faced the Independent Qualification Commission (IQC) on Friday.

The panel consisted of Pamela Qirko, Olsi Komici, Firdes Shuli, and with international observer Gerrit Sprenger. The decision will be made on Friday, September 25th.

The investigation of the annual declarations of assets conducted by has found some problems such as:


Hysenaj started his duty as a prosecutor in 1997, while he made his first statements in 2003. He served in the prosecutor’s office of Lushnja, Kavaja, Korça, Tirana.

According to wealth declarations published by, from 2003 to 2017, his wealth has increased by more than 20 times.

In the first statement of 2003, prosecutor Hysenaj declared family assets worth 1.9 million ALL (EUR 15,368), while at the end of 2017, family assets amounted to 40.8 million ALL (EUR 330,000).

Real estate worth 30.5 million ALL. Vehicles worth ALL 8.9 million. Money in the bank worth 1.3 million ALL.

In 2016 he bought a plot of land and an apartment in the city of Korça worth EUR 125,000  with the income he said was accrued over the years.

In 2011, prosecutor Hysenaj declared a purchase of land worth 11.2 million ALL in the village and the construction of a house with an area of ​​270 m2, for which data on construction costs are missing.

During the years of declaration, the subject declares several times sales and exchanges of cars, at a higher cost than the purchase price.

DSIK has found that Hysenaj was involved in corruption; had contacts with a lawyer; had intervened in the file and changed the protocol number of document; and had contacts with persons involved in Value Added Tax (VAT) fraud

Two different families have accused him of changing the accident records, to find those guilty or to evade the payment of compensation by the employer.

While the rapporteur of the case Firdes Shuli has found and asked for clarifications from the prosecutor for:

1 – Suspicious decision of the Lezha Prosecutor’s Office on the innocence of Hysenaj in a car accident resulting in the death of a person.

According to the Lezha prosecutor’s office, the accident happened because the tire of the Golf exploded, and none of them was guilty.

The KPC claim that Hysenaj (injured in the accident) was driving a car for which he had neither a license nor ownership documents.

2 – Hiding savings over the years

Hysenaj had never declared savings or cash balance even though it turned out that he had withdrawn significant amounts from the bank, and was unable to justify between EUR 110,600 and EUR 210,317.

He also could not justify a property purchased in 2011, for 11 million ALL (EUR 89,000) land in Bërxullë of Tirana.

He was unable to justify the creation of savings of 18 million ALL created by the sale of a property in Fikas for 135 thousand USD and a car of 22 thousand euros. Revenues of 135 thousand USD are declared as expenses over the years and even later for the purchase of two properties in Korça in 2016.

He did not declare the purchase of a garage bought for 1.9 million ALL in the buildings built by the Court of Appeals.

The KPC also found a number of suspicious transactions, sales, and unjustified purchases throughout the years.