From: Alice Taylor
Meet the Artists of the PHOTONS From the Sky to the Sea Exhibition

In anticipation of an upcoming exhibition at Galeria e Bregdetit from 26 September, a conversation with the artists will be held on 22 September in Tirana.

Entitled PHOTONS From the Sky to the Sea, the exhibition will bring together six artists and nine pieces of art, selected by the artist Donika Cina. Organized by Galleria e Bregdetit and supported by the Swedish Art Grants Committee, Cina uses her own artistic experience to create an exhibition in the form of a journey. 

This journey “explores the role of a photographic image within the artists’ practice, in the production of the art object, as well as the photographic image as a backdrop influenced directly or indirectly our everyday life and the ways how we perceive life in all its components.”

The artwork on display draws on a range of mediums and topics. They are not connected in any way but instead hint and derive from other works, creating different layers and trails of thought.

Prior to the opening of the exhibition in Radhime, Vlora, art lovers will be able to meet and discuss with the artists. They include Johan Osterholm, Lotta Tornroth, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk, Niklas Holmgren, Sjoerd ter Borg, Ylva Carlgren.

It will take place at the Destil Creative Hub in Tirana from 7pm.