From: Exit Staff
Rama and Basha Promise to Increase Salaries of Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers

Prime Minister Edi Rama has promised to raise the salaries of doctors and nurses in Albania by 40%.

During a visit to a maternity ward in Berat, Rama said:

“The icing on the cake is the intervention we will make in this budget for doctors salaries. We will make a strong intervention, it will be a significant increase. We believe we will reach 40%/”

He said that with such a salary, doctors will stay in Albania because while the wage may be higher in Germany and Italy, rent and taxes are also higher and need to be paid.

Two weeks ago, leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha made an almost identical statement. He said that his next government will increase the salary of doctors of EUR 1200 and EUR 700 for nurses.

On 7 September Rama also promised to increase teachers salaries but did not give an exact figure.