From: Exit Staff
Confusion Over Whether Doctors Demand Were Negotiated With Union Representatives or “Handpicked” Doctors

Albanian doctors conducted their protest outside the Emergency Department of the QSUT today. They did so despite Prime Minister Edi Rama arranging to meet medical staff to negotiate their demands.

In fact, one of the doctors at the protest, Dr. Ibrahim Ruka said that the doctors that went to the Prime Minister’s Office were not representatives of their Union and were selected by Rama.

He called it a “great deception” that Rama refused to meet with the union, rather meeting with doctors selected by them.

Following the meeting, Manastriliu said the government will work to realise the demands of the Union including better working conditions and salary increases.

“Meetings will start as early as next week. The Ministry of Health is their home, all meetings will take place there,” she said. The Minister also said they will listen to their demands.

One of the doctors present at the meeting with Rama and the Minister said they will create working groups from their union and the government to reach the desired conclusions.

The doctors union are asking that all doctors that have died from COVID-19 are declared as martyrs of the nation, life insurance, increased salaries, and better working conditions.