From: Exit Staff
Judge Donika Prela Dismissed by Vetting

The Special Appeal Chamber has dismissed prosecutor Donika Prela today.

According to the trial panel, Prela did not justify her property with legal sources, hid her property and made an incorrect declaration.

Donika Prela was confirmed in office by the first instance of vetting, in one of the most controversial decisions of the KPC .

As it turned out during the vetting investigation, Donika Prela has committed tax evasion by not paying income taxes, has carried out suspicious financial transactions, taken several loans without a contract with people not able to justify the money, bought two apartments below market price and sold them at a profit, and not paid tax on the profit of the sale.

In April 2019, Public Commissioner Florian Ballhysa requested the Special Appellate Panel to dismiss her. According to the appeal, Prela does not reach a reliable level mainly in the criterion of wealth.