From: Alice Taylor
Ukraine to Accept Kosovo Passports, Ambiguous on Recognition

The Ukraine has started to accept Kosovo passports despite not officially recognising it as a country.

Deputy Foreign Minister Vasyl Bodnar said:

“We have not officially recognised Kosovo but there are certain steps. Last year we decided to work with Kosovo passports. Now our ambassador here [in Albania] and ambassadors in other parts of the world have received instructions to accept these passports and not to restrict travel. Perhaps starting with such small steps, we can move towards certain results.”

The comments were given to Ora News.

Bodnar clarified that the situation with Kosovo had nothing to do with the situation in Crimea.

“There is no parallel between the two cases…in the case of Kosovo, we have a country that has been recognised by a number of countries, and in the case of Crimea, we are talking about a territory that was seized by Russia, using force.”

When asked whether Ukraine would recognise Kosovo, he said that traditionally they support territorial sovereignty but that the Kosovo issue is “complex”.