From: Exit Staff
Trump Likens Kosovo-Serbia Dispute to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

U.S. President Donald Trump has likened the dispute between Kosovo and Serbia to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, during a re-election rally in Pennsylvania.

“I got nominated for two Nobel Peace Prizes,” Trump said on Sunday, speaking of the two nominations he got for the same prize.

“Can you believe it? One is for Israel and Bahrain and the UAE, right? […] Then I got one for Kosovo and Serbia. They’ve been killing each other for many years, just killing each other. They don’t get along. They’re sort of the Palestinians and Israel,” he explained to the cheerful audience.

The President went on telling his supporters that he had received calls from many other countries asking him to join the Israel-Bahrain-UAE “peace deal”.

Trump said he solved the Kosovo-Serbia dispute through economic normalization, and was happy to see their leaders hug in his office.

“I said to them ‘why are you fighting and killing each other?’ They have a lot of differences, including a religious difference, I guess. I said ‘what are you doing?’ And we trade with them; so we have a certain power. So, I said ‘listen, let’s get a deal, let’s get economic peace, and ultimately peace.’ They came to my office, the Oval Office, to sign. They were hugging, they were so… I mean, it was a beautiful thing to see. We saved a lot of lives.”

The U.S. President further explained how he told his wife about the Nobel Peace Prize nomination:

“I said to my great First Lady, our great First Lady, Melania. I said “Melania, First Lady,” I said “First Lady, oh, I’m gonna watch television tonight, I’m gonna come home early, – just let me tell you, 18.30 is very early, I stay in there late, – I’m gonna come home early, I’m gonna show you just how a great job I got: nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.”