From: Exit Staff
Another Arrest for Transporting Third-Country Nationals Illegally Through Albania

Elbasan police have arrested a 22-year-old from Durrës, who was transporting 13 Syrian immigrants illegally through the country.

He was arrested on the Elbasan-Peqin road, while transporting immigrants in a rented car.

The detainee had promised 13 emigrants transport from Korça, to Tirana and then to one of the northern border crossings, for a fee.

The case is being investigated by the Elbasan Prosecutor’s Office.

A 45-year-old from Durres was also arrested for transporting 17 immigrants through Tirana. He had previously been convicted for posession of an illegal firearm and threatening behavior.

For several months now, aid and transportation of illegal immigrants has become  something of a phenomenon. The police, mainly those from Korça and Pogradec, arrest people every day who, in exchange for money, promise emigrants transport.