From: Exit News
Government Gives Construction Company Public Land in Tirana Lake Park 

The Albanian government has transferred the ownership of 1,470 square meters of land in Tirana’s Lake Park from the Republican Guard to a private company.

This decision paves the way for the start of construction of high-rise buildings in Tirana’s central park, according to an old plan of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

In exchange, the private company will give the government the same land volume elsewhere in the city.

The company awarded the land of the Republic Guard is ‘Dushku S.A’, a construction company owned by Aida Dushku and ‘Ferro Beton’ company, which is owned by Ilir Shtufi and Mark Luli.

Ilir Shtufi also owns ‘Nova Construction 2012’ construction company, which is building one of the 16-storey towers in the area of ​​the former Bllok area, where the “Dada” bar was located.

Shtufi is also the owner of the ‘Korça Photovoltaic Park’ company, which generates electric power through photovoltaics.

Mark Luli is also a construction entrepreneur, and his company ‘M.C. Inerte’ has been awarded the concession contracts for two two hydropower plants.