From: Exit Staff
Government Transfers Land by the Lake of Tirana to a Private Company

The government has transfered the ownership of 1470 square meters of Republic Guard land near the Artificial Lake Park, to a private company.

With this decision, the government paves the way for the construction of towers in the Lake Park, a plan that Prime Minister Rama has tried several times to start, initially with the construction of the park entrance.

In exchange for this land, the government will take over the same land owned by the company, which also houses a building of about 250 square meters.

The company that takes ownership of the Republic Guard land is ‘Dushku S.A’, a construction company owned by Aida Dushku and the company ‘Ferro Beton’, which is owned by Ilir Shtufi and Mark Luli.

Ilir Shtufi is also the owner of another construction company,   ‘Nova Construction 2012’, which is currently building one of the towers in the area of ​​the former Bloc, a 16-storey building in the area where the bar Dada was located.

Shtufi is also the owner of the company ‘Korça Photovoltaik Park’ for the production of photovoltaic energy in Korça.

Mark Luli is also a construction entrepreneur and his company ‘MC Inerte’ has received the concession of the Gojan hydropower plant .