From: Alice Taylor
Opposition Leader Pledges to Rebuild National Theatre in Same Place

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, promised that the government led by him would rebuild the National Theater in the same place and that he would bring to justice those who destroyed it.

Through a post on Twitter, on the occasion of the International Cultural Heritage Day, Basha emphasized:

“I reaffirm my personal commitment and that of the Democratic Party that we will rebuild the National Theater as it was and those who brutally attacked and demolished it will be brought to justice for this heinous crime against our culture, citizenship and way of life.”

He called the National Theater and all the resistance of artists and citizens to protect it from collapsing ‘a dividing line between regime and citizenship.’

Basha said that the demolition of the theater by the Rama government is the clearest evidence of ‘the barbarism and hatred that this government nurtures for the values ​​and institutions of our nation’.