From: Exit Staff
Rama Says Fiscal Amnesty and Cannabis Legalisation will go Ahead

The law on fiscal amnesty and medical cannabis legalization will be adopted after consultations with international institutions. This is what Prime Minister Rama said on Tuesday, in a conversation with journalists.

“Fiscal amnesty is working to reach a 100% consensus with international structures. We have no deadline when it will end.

It does not give up legalizing cannabis, it is connected with consultations with international expertise. “

The government passed the fiscal amnesty law in July this year (read more here ), which was opposed by the IMF, EU delegation, and banking associations , as it gives senior officials the opportunity to legalize corruption money.

As for the legalization of medical cannabis, on May 9, Rama, during a conference with EU Ambassador Soreca, said that the government has been working with foreign and domestic advisors for a year and the draft law will be made public soon.

This statement was rejected then by the EC, which clarified that it was not involved in drafting, consulting or preparing the draft law of the Rama government for the legalization of medical cannabis.