From: Exit Staff
President Meta Denounces State Attorney for Failing to Provide Information on Albanian Lawsuits in International Arbitration Court

President Ilir Meta has accused the State Attorney’s Office of not providing the requested information on the country’s lawsuits to the International Court of Arbitration.

“The State Advocacy has violated the law by not providing information to the President. The Constitution, in Article 92, clearly stipulates that institutions must provide clarification for their duties. “They will have to face the law,” the president told the media on Friday.

“Since July 13, 2020, I have asked the State Attorney’s Office to inform me about the situation, the obligations of the Albanian state that go up to 100 million euros for only one case in arbitration.

On September 14, I gave a second chance to the State Attorney’s Office for this information even though they were in violation of the Constitution. This is an open attempt to hide information about missing issues.”