From: Exit News
Bosnia and Herzegovina to Open Embassy in Tirana, Requests Reciprocity from Albania

Today, Albanian President Ilir Meta met with the Bosnian and Herzegovinian President Šefik Džaferović in Tirana.

Following the meeting, in a press conference, they announced that the country would open an embassy in Albania. Džaferović said that Albania should open an embassy in Sarajevo as well.

“The Republic of Albania and Bosnia are connected with good relations, we do not have open issues between us. We are committed to our Euro-Atlantic aspirations, and to developing the Western Balkans region.

Bilateral relations are friendly. We can do better, improve, and I believe we have not used all the opportunities to increase cooperation.

Perhaps it is the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently without an embassy in Tirana, and the same thing Tirana does not have an embassy in Sarajevo.

The Bosnian presidency has decided to open an embassy in Tirana…we expect Albania to do the same,” he said.

Meta said he was against the previous closure of the embassy in Sarajevo and asked the government to reopen it before 25 April. He told Džaferović that after the elections, an embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina would definitely be opened.

“I did not agree on the closure of the Albanian embassy in Sarajevo. Albania must play its role for stability and peace in the region. Bosnia is a very important country, and Albania respects the sovereignty and integrity of Bosnia, and we even have an active Albanian community there.

I hope that the government will open before April 25, because after April 25, an embassy will definitely open in Sarajevo,” said Meta.