From: Die Morina
Kosovo’s President: New Momentum for a Final Agreement with Serbia

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci said on Monday that an “extraordinary momentum” for a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia is created, after both countries agreed on economic normalization at the White House in September.

Thaci made the comment through social media after a meeting in Brussels with the EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak.

This is Thaci’s first official visit in Europe since July when he was interviewed in The Hague-based Specialist Prosecutor’s Office. He is indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity but charges have yet to be confirmed by a judge.

“I was informed by Mr. Lajcak about the facilitator’s intention to complete the process of normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia with a final agreement, which implies mutual recognition,” Thaci wrote on Facebook.

“Therefore, it is required that all parties involved in this process work together to reach a final peace agreement,” he added.

According to Thaci, the U.S. have a “leading and irreplaceable” role in this process.

“The role of the US remains crucial for reaching a final agreement on normalization and mutual recognition,” he said.

Kosovo’s president has often criticized the EU for its approach towards Kosovo, especially on the visa non- liberalization. However, on Monday he said “we need the EU, and the EU needs us!”, showing his full support to Lajcak.