From: Exit Staff
Exit Explains: What Will Happen in Parliament Today with the Electoral Reform?

The Albanian Parliamentary Assembly is set to discuss  amendments to the Electoral Code proposed by the Socialist majority, which, among other things, remove the ability to form pre-election coalitions according to the current formula.

84 pro votes are needed for the approval of these measures.

Does the Socialist Party have the votes to approve the changes?

There are 75 deputies in the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party. The SP needs at least 9 more votes to approve the changes.

In the composition of the current parliament, this does not seem impossible. It is worth remembering that in the session of July 30, when the constitutional changes were approved, the SP proposals received 106 votes from 116 deputies present in the hall.

A number of MPs such as Reme Lala and Tom Doshi, although not part of the SP parliamentary group, have always voted for the legal benefits of the Socialist majority.

It is expected that a part of the parliamentary opposition deputies who have expressed support for the amendments to the Electoral Code will also vote for the changes.

Votes against changes to the Electoral Code

Meanwhile, there are three deputies, Rudina Hajdari, Ralf Gjoni and Andi Permeti, who voted against these changes in the meeting of the Law Commission.

MP Lefter Maliqi has also openly expressed his vote against the amendments to the Electoral Code.

In the voting of the constitutional changes of July 30, 10 opposition deputies voted against : Adriatik Alimadhi, Fatjona Dhimitri, Gjetan Gjetani, Kujtim Gjuzi, Elda Hoti, Lefter Maliqi, Erion Piciri, Artur Roshi, Zef Shtjefni, Suzana Topi.

Most likely the same deputies will vote against again.