German MEP Says Electoral Code Changes Could Hamper Albanians EU Integration

German Member of European Parliament Michael Gahler said that the voting on the amendments to the Electoral Code violates the 5 June agreement and that this casts doubt on the legitimacy of the upcoming general elections.

By voting today to breach the EU brokered 5 June agreement with the opposition, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama…

Gepostet von Michael Gahler am Montag, 5. Oktober 2020

In a Facebook post, Gahler said:

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama cast a shadow of doubt on the April general elections which were supposed to be free and fair and better than the previous ones with today’s vote for the violation of the EU mediated agreement on June 5. with the opposition. “

He continued that this will hinder Albania’s EU integration and could lead to the postponement of the first intergovernmental conference.

“By doing this, Rama clearly hinders Albania’s integration into the EU. More precisely, the violation of the June 5 agreement could very well postpone the first Intergovernmental Conference as the first step towards the start of real EU accession negotiations. “

Gahler called on President Ilir Meta to return the law to Parliament and for Prime Minister Edi Rama to review it.